Gathering for Worship


uu-colorsAt the heart of our community is worship, which takes place in Chamberlain House, Park Street at 11 am every Sunday. Our worship reflects what we regard as being of supreme worth.

Our services might include:
• worship of the divine
• celebration of life
• affirmation of our shared values
• recognition of our failings
• commitment to the meeting of human need
• encouragement of human potential

and differing elements such as:

• hymns, songs and music
• stories, addresses
• silence or meditation
• prayer or words for reflection
• readings from the bible or other world faith scriptures or our literary heritage

Not all of these may be present and they may appear in a different order.  We try to make our worship inclusive and meaningful to people with differing beliefs and needs. There is no need to worry about when to sit or stand, as the person leading the service will clearly indicate what is appropriate and when. You may also find this leaflet helpful: first_time_leaflet

To find out more about the Hull Unitarians and what to expect at our services contact: Revd Dr Ralph Catts on (01482) 224662

For weddings, child namings, funerals, memorial services and other special occasions to suit individual needs, please contact the Minister.

Hull Unitarians

Hull Unitarians



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