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Worship in March, Sundays at 11 am

Date Worship Leader Topic
5 Rosemary Frances TBA
12 Ralph Catts Reflections and Themes (circle worship)
19 Chris Carr TBC – date may change to March 26
26 Ralph Catts Unitarianism – what’s that?


Rosemary Frances will make a welcome return to lead worship on the first Sunday in March. I am looking forward to joining you all again from March 8 after my annual leave. My first service on March 12 will be a time for reflection and choice of themes for the coming months. Chris Carr will undertake his second service for appraisal for his Worship studies course, and I will offer some thoughts on explaining Unitarianism.

This year we will be supported with music by Adrian Worsfold, Ilina Ivancheva, and occasionally by Andrew Palfreman. Thanks to all three for providing this support.

UK Unitarians General Assembly (GA) Meetings, April 10 -13, in Birmingham

Hull Unitarians will be represented at the annual national meeting by Chris Carr. He is one of our newest members and will lead worship again on March 19, or March 26, subject to his rosters. After the service on March 26, we will look at the motions going before the GA and offer comments for Chris to consider when he votes on our behalf. It is recommended that Chris not be formally bound on any motion unless there is near unanimous agreement of members and friends. This is because we rely on Chris to listen to the arguments and take an informed decision, while taking our views into account.

Progressing the Renewal of Our Church

Our application to Hull City Council for planning approval has been submitted. We have also received a detailed estimate of costs based on the specification of the building.  Our plans have been informed by a process of consultation with members and friends of the church. While we hope to achieve some further savings, our estimates for the work are in the order of £200,000. In addition, we have to rent another property for up to 6 months to allow the contractors full access to our building, and we have to find storage for church equipment and records. We are therefore launching with the Spring issue of our magazine, a fundraising campaign. We will be applying to three trusts, and our trustees will consider what portion of our church reserves it is prudent to commit. However, we will also be asking every member and friend of Hull Unitarians for whatever financial support that you can afford.


Join us for guided meditation

Meditation on Thursdays commences again on March 9. Gather from 1.45 pm for the half hour sessions commencing at 2 pm, and afterwards we share refreshments.

Making Sure we are OK

I have decided to study the process of renewal of our church as it occurs. To make the necessary changes in a way that is supportive of each member and friend of our church, I need you to share your hopes and any concerns. I will also write a paper for Manchester University. My purposes are to maximise the benefits of the changes for our church community, to share with you what we learn about ourselves, and also to complete a degree of Master of Contextual Theology. I will distribute a statement of the purposes of this study for participants. If you agree to let me collect information from you I will ask you to confirm your consent to participate whenever we discuss the changes. There is no obligation on your part to be involved, but your contributions will be welcome.

Welcome to our Friday gatherings, 10.30 until noon.

All members and friends are welcome to join us for fellowship, refreshments and our table top sales. We have a friendly and lively gathering each Friday.

Selected Charities for Hull Unitarians to Support in 2017.

Thanks to Lisa Walker, Bernard McHugh, Barry Cundill and Marie Penn who nominated charities for the church to support in 2017. In consultation with Mavis Lake and Georgina Hawkes, we have confirmed our charities for 2017. They are Mind, Send a Child to Hucklow, Water Aid, St John of Jerusalem eye hospital, Dove House, Willersley House, MacMillan, Cancer Research UK, the MS Society, Open Doors, and the Hull Veterans Support Centre.

The dates when we will raise funds for these charities are listed in the small flyer enclosed. We have posters as well for you to put up in any local shops or community centres that you attend. Please help to promote our fund-raising efforts.

On all other Fridays, we will be raise funds for our ‘Relief of Need’ reserves which enables our Minister to spend small sums on individual emergency needs, or to recommend supporting individual people or groups in need to the Trustees.

Featured Charities in March

Mind will be the charity we support on March 10. They provide support for people in need of assistance with many forms of mental health. Their web site is

On March 31, we will collect food, clothing and cash for the Open Doors Refugee Centre, as well as holding our regular coffee morning and Tombola. For further information on what Open Doors does see:


Blessings from Pastor Ralph Catts




Hull Unitarians

Hull Unitarians


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